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While sports and entertainment law sounds like a highly specialized field, sports law requires a general knowledge of many areas of business law. Sports and Entertainment law includes endorsement agreements, contracts, negotiations, and licensing. In addition, sports and entertainment law often incorporates aspects of intellectual property, copyrights, and trademarks. With each issue raised in sports law, it is intuitive to understand baseball's infield fly rule and how it applies to your situation. With every case, I think about the infield fly rule. I love that rule. It is trouble for anyone ignoring the rules of the game. It is the law of strict liability for a batter poppin' up with runners on base and watch out infielders you didn’t find a loophole in your favor for dropping the ball just because you caught a break and the batter is automatically out. That is because of my favorite part, the batter's out but the runners advance if they are willing to assume the risk, and pay attention to the base coaches counseling them. That's the way life is, you choose when to advance, based on your abilities, and counsel... or not, but you better have someone who knows the rules on your side.



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