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The Legal Advantages of Forming a

Limited Liability Company

from the Ground Up


This firm has been incorporating Limited Liability Companies since the inception of the Limited Liability Company Law of 1994, 15 Pa. C.S. §8901 et. seq.


The Legal Advantage of an LLC:

Limited Liability…

Limited liability companies provide all the same liability protection as a corporation—but with much less red tape. A corporation, for example, requires periodic stockholders meetings, a board of directors, regular board meetings, and of course records of all these activities and bodies. However, a limited liability company does not.


The Tax Advantage:

Tax Flexibility…


The second advantage of LLCs relates to the income taxes that LLC members pay on profits and capital gains. A limited liability company can be classified as almost any entity it wants for income tax purposes. A limited liability company that is owned by one person can be taxed as a sole proprietorship, a C corporation, or an S corporation. A limited liability company that is owned by two or more persons can be taxed as a partnership, a C corporation, or even an S corporation (if the LLC meets the S corporation eligibility requirements). This second benefit of the limited liability company means that an LLC can choose to be taxed in whatever fashion is most favorable for its investment purposes or to its owners.

Complete LLC

incorporation services

for your business

Preliminary name availability search, and follow-up searches as needed.


Prepare Application and obtain Federal Tax ID Number.


Prepare Certificate of Organization and obtain a certified copy of filed formation documents.


Prepare customized Operating Agreement.


Professional review of all final documentation placed in a portfolio, given to you for access as needed.


Priority rush service available.

Complimentary Attorney Consultation for LLC's available. 

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